5 Latest Songs From North You Don’t Even Know Are Trending


5 Latest Songs From North You Don’t Even Know Are Trending

Want to know those 5 trending songs from northern artiste that are trending currently this 2022 and you don’t even know about them? Then you need to follow up with this article, I know you might doubt this feeling that you know every song that is trending coming from Arewa artiste.

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It was an amazing melodic journey as i was able to roam about all the streaming platforms and social houses trying to study and analyze those celebrated songs that are yet to be talked about by musical celebrators.

These songs are good sounds that are silently penetrating the media space but are yet to be fully recognized by the masses.

Latest 5 Songs That Are Trending From Northern Artiste

5. Bamaso by Madox TBB

4. Okay by Mickey Deviper

3. Dope by Son Of Jigawa

2. Chikana by Babskid

1. Aure by Joevan Arewa


Just earlier B O C Madaki lamented that “He was doing POP and Tiles Before Music Career, he narrated following up the recent trend of Khaid been a one time mechanic before he roases to fame, indeed fans have been replying with some shocking reactions.




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