5 Strong Reasons Why Bishopswagg Is The Best Hausa Freestyler Of All Time


Reasons That Made Bishopswagg Standout As The Biggest Hausa Freestyler Of All Time

As we all know rap is the most dominating keyword when it comes to music entertainment from the northside, relating from the scratch of music growth till date rap has been the most chosen genre celebrated massively in the north.

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Today i decided to discuss and outline how one of the fit representer keeps aligning with our needs weighing overdose due to his fertile abilities and the unimaginary responsive wonders he keeps inventing.

Bishopswagg is classically the most talked about freestyle rapper by the moment, the zeus is killing it back to back with stress absence, his type of approach appears so new to people with quick adaptation.

We all know that the present day music doesn’t sounds same as those of the 90s, the type of beat and lyrics we encountered with are potrayed in a modified manner that will have to entertain, educate, inspire and groove up listeners at same point in time.

With the grande unique style Bishopswagg chooses to deal with our hearings we are left but to admit that no 1 is ever getting it close to satisfying us to the level Nagari Na Kowa is doing.

Here Are The 5 Strong Reasons Why Bishopswagg Is The Greatest Hausa Freestyler Of All Time

1. Flow

Before you can attract attention to gaining popularity one has to be swimming richly in flows, the uniqueness and abundance of flows is no doubt taking the lead in rap ministry. Bishopswagg has proven unending quality in terms of flows as he never relents creating magnificient wonders without stress.

2. Delivery

Music is too wide and broad because its not just about flows, you can’t be convincing to the audience by just creating mere flows. Having a better authority in rap has to do with the standard of that artiste delivery. Nagari Na Kowa have that powerful mindset, he have already taken care of this aspect vigorously making him standout from every competitor.

3. Storytelling

One of the strongest believe is that for you to be recognized as one of the greatest rapper you have to serve extraordinary, using your rap lines to create stories people could relate to. Spitting things we are aware of and can relate to is one of the hardest creativity in rap.

Among the strong reason we do respect “Sugar Daddy” crooner is his stroytelling workload, he always hang around talking about reality happenings making him that rare gem to ever liveth in the history of Hausa rappers.

4. Wordplay

After telling us what we could relate to, we will like to hear you play with rhymes, we love hearing new things playing rhymes that are having more than one meaning. Getting us confused will make us replay your song countlessly so as to comprehend with the message.

This is one factor that ranked Bishopswagg ahead of any other Hausa rapper, he wordplays with bars in most of his freestyles, giving us lines that will discomfort our thinking for good.

5. Knowledge Of Self

Going far in the music game has to do with one knowing his true talent, doings that you are rest assured are your creatives. Many people dont value this but for you to see effective changes and growth in his career you have to know your true self in that talent.

I will gladly say Kudos to the Flames frontier for finding himself able to create abstract contents that strike peoples mindets.


It was confirmed that the rapper is coming down to North for a mega tour concert in some of the major northern cities – Check Whether He Is Coming To Your State Here

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