Bad Promotional Strategy On Facebook You Should Avoid As An Artiste 2022


Tagging 99 And Others, Reasons We Should Avoid Tagging 99 And Others This 2022 As An Artiste

Today i decided to talk about one of the deadly factor affecting the growth of many talent on social worlds especially facebook.

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There is this habit we inherited from our unknown fore-fathers that remands our craft and mindset in some ancient doings, we decided to stock our blue app practices towards implementing error formulas, those non-converting promotional strategy that are no longer attractive to audience.

Tagging is the blue app old fashion doings that is no longer potraying meaningful insights, i am wondering why we still believe that tagging 99 others is a win working promotion, that by bombading tags a day will come wereby those tags will burst and reciprocate to torns of streams or clicks to our crafts or sales.

We need to understand how this things flows effectively, there is no single magic in brand awareness and creating trends one have to plank each and every foundation rigidly for those quality harvest he looks upto.

By vividly saying we are no more dwelling in the past, this is an advance era that only crafting the righteous could yield those our expected results.

Every talent needs organic followers, people that are diehards showing genuine love onto your craft. Precisely nobody will celebrate you efficiently by your unaware mentions, you cant make people fancy your content by fire by force.

Trying to bug in content into peoples life has outburst loads of damages, without their self permission or interest will never spike your career or sales you might even result to loosing those particular set of audience.

Relating from experience i was able to hunt down the poor actions behind my facebook tagging life. Tagging was all i have as the everlasting way of promoting my contents, whenever i am about releasing my fresher ideas i geared my mind towards tagging every soul friending me. I tag, tag, tag until Mark himself tell me to stop.

I practice tagging technique for morethan 3years consistently but to no aveil the outcomes was not funny that made me sad and embraced. It makes me questioned myself whether this my craft is none worthy to peoples eye seeing how am suffering with the stagnant engagements with same people checking up my contents all day.

2years back i was able to monitor some of my moves and make some corrections, i was able to realised that tagging people on every facebook post is the most nuisance irritating method of content promotion.

I was solenly dependent to practising earmarking, habits somehow telling Mark(FB owner) that this guy particular content is strictly meant for this mentioned set of people alone because he tag them always.

Knowing fully well that publishing my contents freely by allowing it go public without dragging someone in has done me so much good, i am now safe from loosing my targeting audience. I can easily create my engaging contents without labeling anyone.

Targeting audience is one of the reasons i disqualify the “99 and more tagging strategy”. Publishing contents and directing to the wrong audience has affected and buried many businesses and talents, people act carelessly towards building right audiences.

These are things we need to look out carefully, you might think they don’t matter but slowly as time goes you will get to realise that you are loosing fanbase as everybody is getting tired of you tagging them all day on your FB Post.


Thanks for reading my free-hand article, i hope you will share with friends and family thanks for supporting the brand.

Written By: Jazzkido



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