Cardi B wins $1M defamation suit against gossip blogger Tasha K


Cardi B has been awarded $1.25 million in damages in her defamation action against Latasha Kebe, a blogger and YouTuber known online as Tasha K.


Cardi B testified during a two-week federal trial that she had endured extreme anxiety, sadness, and suicide ideation as a result of Kebe’s accusations, and that she had experienced excessive anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation as a result of Kebe’s assertions.

In 2019, Cardi B took Kebe to court for dozens of recordings that included outlandish allegations, including the high- (or low-)light that the rapper B “f–ked herself with beer bottles” onstage while working as a stripper. Cardi had allegedly prostituted herself, was addicted to hard drugs, had been disloyal to her spouse Offset, and had herpes, according to Kebe.

Cardi testified last week that Kebe’s statements made her feel “very suicidal.” “I felt defeated and depressed, and I didn’t want to sleep with my husband,” she continued, blaming the ordeal on exhaustion, weight loss, migraines, and anxiety.

Only an evil person could do that s–t,” Cardi reportedly said, subsequently apologizing to the court for her language.

The rapper also revealed that the herpes allegation followed her across the internet, with some of Kebe’s million-plus followers harassing her over photos of her kissing her daughter Kulture on the lips and referring to her as “Herpes B.”

Kebe reportedly testified in court that she had intentionally written lies about the artist, but when her counsel questioned her, she tried to backtrack. On all three charges of defamation, invasion of privacy, and deliberate infliction of emotional distress, jurors ultimately sided with Cardi B.

They set aside $1 million for “general damages (pain and suffering and/or reputational loss),” as well as $250,000 for medical costs. Tasha K’s legal bills and if she owes extra punitive damages will be determined during Tuesday’s sessions.

The trial will begin on Tuesday, January 25, to determine if Kebe is liable for further punitive damages or must reimburse Cardi B for her legal fees.

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